Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting noticed

I attended an adoption event in Raleigh yesterday.  Everywhere I walked people wanted to know my story.  My person told it over and over again, never tiring.  People couldn't believe what they heard about my life and what could have happened to me.  Suddenly my fan page jumped to over 600!!  My competitor, Icky the Ugly Dog posted to my page that he is looking forward to meeting me in Petaluma.  I feel so excited to be moving closer towards my goal of being the World's Ugliest Dog 2011!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Who would have thought I'd have so much support and gain so many fans?  The people who are my fans are pure animal lovers or people who understand diversity and eduction matters across the board. I met some fans last weekend and was treated like a rock star! 
To think my life could have ended before I had a chance to live it boggles my young mind.  I don't know what happened before I turned 4 months old and was given the opportunity to join a family who didn't care that I should have been put down by my breeder but I am so happy that I am here.
I have blossomed and love to play with the other four dogs and three cats at home.  They don't treat me differently which goes to show you that animal love is unconditional.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My trip to PetSmart

Oh the fun of people loving me although I am a pit come no one is scared of a deformed pit?  My jaws are just as large?!?!?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010


"Culling is the process of removing animals from a group based on specific criteria. This is done in order to either reinforce certain desirable characteristics or to remove certain undesirable characteristics from the group"...source Wikipedia.
Technically, I suppose Cuda should have been culled.  To say she should have been euthanized whether humanely or not because she was undesirable boggles my mind.  I was advised that inbred dogs exhibit the following traits in extra tight inbreeding:
Inbreeding is a standard for breeders to make bigger, better, perfect dogs.  It is widely used by all breeders- "back yard" and "professional".These breeders who inbreed and cross breed feel culling is a mandatory need in order to breed genetically superior dogs.  This means that the "mistakes" are just part of the game here and should be immediately destroyed as they serve no purpose.
I never knew about this.  I'm so happy someone scooped Cuda up and that she somehow landed in my lap.  Cuda was one of the lucky ones.  She is in no pain and has no physical problems now but who knows what's to come, I admit...when that times comes, then she will be humanely dealt with...not axed out because she didn't come out right at the start!