Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Totally Tattered to donate 10% to Cuda!

If you like unique items for your home and wardrobe, Totally Tattered is for you- they create unique hand made items- quilts, purses, etc. for YOU.  They offer many themes, all breeds of dogs and special requests.  They even do layaway!
And now through the end of January- they are donating 10% of what they sell towards Cuda's expenses in getting to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.
You know I thank people here a lot...today my human mom is humbled.  She is getting so much support she thinks she needs to make promoting me a full time job!  Well, I need her to keep her day job..just sayin'.  People from her work are taking notice of the Cuda Nation buzz....and now this...so please, shop at Totally Tattered- and treat yourself to something wonderful while helping me out!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sometimes my feelings get hurt.

I found my name doing a search and saw there is an entire thread dedicated to arguing why I am here, how I got here and what is wrong with me.  I'll let you read and decide for yourself.  I went public with myself in an effort to win the World's Ugliest Dog Contest, however, I have come to be the poster child for poor breeding.  Say what you will but I will tell you my people were told I was inbred by breeders, numerous times.  I cannot lose sight of what's important here...ME!!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

And to all a good night.....

Christmas Eve....I'm more the spiritual type...but here goes...Our first Christmas with Cuda is so special...this year we have even less funds than the last few years but we have her and we have each other.  We are feverishly working on getting to California...we've too much invested now, there's no turning back.  Along with the efforts Scott, Joey and the home zoo, we are relying on the spirit of Cuda's mom to guide us through these next few months.  I never thought about her till tonight, Christmas Eve.
Is she alive?  If so, is she warm?  How many times has she been bred and how many puppies has she nursed? How many times did she have to choose between eating herself and feeding them?  Did she even get to love them? How heavy was the chain around her neck while she gave birth?  I've seen it, I've been there...not for her, but for many female pit bulls, left weary and discarded to starve to death in the streets when they could no longer produce.  How many have become bait for their own offspring to train with?  I think of Cuda's siblings, all generations...how many came out to the expectations of the breeder?  How many didn't make it and how many were drowned?
So my little Cuda with the weight of all of this experience on your crooked shoulders....I promise in the spirit of your mom to take care of you for as long as you shall grace this planet.  And to all a good night.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The kindness of others

I met Santa today and some more faces from Carolina Care Bullies, talked with some people, was a little scared but overall enjoyed my day!  I have this little fan page on Facebook that tells  my story in addition to this page.  Today, because of the kindness of friends and total strangers, there are more 1,000 people who have given me a few minutes of their time whether it be just to click "like" on my page or read my whole story.  I have international friends and local friends.  I have friends who have purchased their dogs and those who have opted to adopt. For those people who have purchased a dog, my intention was not meant to make you feel badly....but maybe your next dog will be adopted!  I don't try to insult breeders, I'm here because of one, but maybe your next dog will be chosen differently.  Every person who has given a part of himself or herself to me matters and I am so grateful of the attention.

My dad shed tears tonight as he got caught up in the excitement of the rapidly increasing numbers.  He said he was overwhelmed in just thinking what could of happened to me and what is currently happening..and who knows...maybe in June I'll walk away with a trophy..in most eyes, an oxymoron title for me maybe, but at least the world will know my story. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm going to meet Santa!

I am so excited...not only do I get to meet Santa this Saturday, I get to see my friends from Carolina Care Bullies again.  You see, over the last few weeks I've learned how much the people who volunteer with CCB love and care and dedicate their time to helping pit bulls.  We all know that too many people think the world would be better without pit bulls.  I don't know if people think pit bulls are the only dogs who ever were trained to fight or have ever bitten anyone but I'm not going to finger point at other breeds.  People really need to understand that there are places where  pit bulls and other kinds of dogs are banned.  I don't mean like renting an apartment or trying to get homeowners insurance..I mean GONE.    That means my own family could lose the right to have me.  Please read about BSL and know the breed of dog in your family may be  next!

As for ME- come say hello to me and meet some wonderful pit bulls who need a home very badly.  I know I'll never wonder where I'm sleeping or who loves me.  The pits you will meet Saturday hope for that feeling, too.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Animals as Presents

As I look around at people caught up in the holiday spirit, I think of how animals are so often given as Christmas gifts.  Parents may want to give their children everything but as a parent, if you are not willing to take on the responsibility of physically caring for that gift, then do not expect your child to do so.  Would you buy your child a baby human to play with if she asked for one?  Don't you replace the batteries of your child's favorite toy when the need arises?

Puppies and kittens, while cute, do several things that are unpleasing and require attention to...they nip, they poop and pee and they grow.  It is important to remember that a puppy or a kitten needs guidance and training just as a child does...your child will not likely turn to the potty himself.  Puppies and kittens also need food, water and a warm place to sleep.  Mostly, if you are not willing to nurture that animal and your kids lose interest after a few weeks, this will reflect in the personality of a pet.  Even rodent pets, reptiles and fish need to be cared for daily. Again, if you are not willing to take this responsibility on yourself, do not consider getting a breathing, living creature as a gift.

Consider teaching your child how to become a responsible pet owner by giving a stuffed doll or one of those electronic pets that require attention.  As your child learned to cultivate a life, he will learn responsibility and patience. 

Thank you!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Look at me go!

When out and about, people often ask if I can get around.  They look at me with my awkward body and think that maybe I'm inhibited in some way.   Well, today we had our first snow of the season and my very first snow ever.  Flakes started falling late this morning and the sky's steel color cast a shimmery glow to everything.  Once outside, I found the cold air exhilarating and I was driven to explore. 

There will be no questioning of my physical capabilities once you see my video.  I run like the wind and I do it with style!!!  Although stopping for a couple of treats..one I had to root out of the snow and one I caught in mid air, I glided through the air and loved it!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rest in Peace Officer Ray Fuller ACO 13

When my mom was stressing out over trying to convince my dad to let her take me home, Ray told my mom not to worry...he said, "You know he'll get over it once he sees her,"  Ray was right.
Ray Fuller was a man with a big heart.  He was a friend to animals and a friend to his co-workers.  Ray's 7mth battle with esophageal cancer was fought with courage and honor.  Despite setbacks and interferences, he smiled for as long as he could.  When he couldn't smile anymore, he tried harder.

You will be missed, Officer Fuller,  Thank you for being a part of our lives.