Monday, January 31, 2011


TPPC TV is a pet bloggers support site committed to education for our pets.  Cuda's story will be live this Thursday, Feb 3rd at 6:45.  Hear her story in full and how you can help see this unique dog win the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

This is also a great opportunity for you to learn how you can joing the blog.

Cuda & Julie

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are you ready for some WRESTLING!?!?!

Power Pro Wrestling is a huge supported of Cuda and the Randolph County Knock-Outs Fast Pitch Softball Team.  They will be holding a Charity Event at Seagrove Elementary School at 528 Old Plank Road in Seagrove, NC tonight, Jan 29, 2011.  Doors open at 5pm for a meet and greet with the wrestlers and the first bell rings at 7:30PM
Cuda will be joining the professionals for some fun and to practice for the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.  They have promised to provide her with some ugly competition during intermission!!

So join us for some fun- help out a great bunch of kids and see Cuda in her very first competition!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cuda Hits the Airwaves!

Tune in tomorrow 1/28/11 to G105's Bob and the Showgram.  Cuda will be in the studio for their Friday Free for All.  Click the link below to see and hear:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fans, fans and more fans

Cuda is at a plateau of fans on her Facebook and it's making us crazy!!  Have we become greedy!?!?  We never expected to have over 2500 fans but it's so addicting to watch her numbers go when the Contest opens for online see how that makes sense.

Here's the latest Cuda bragging.....
Cuda has been honored with a full page spread in The American Dog Magazine, scheduled to hit news stands.  You can check out the digital edition by going to and clicking on the right hand side. 

However, I digress.  I find I'm using this blog to promote and share articles. You can see all of that on Facebook or Twitter.  Today I want to address this new study about sleeping with your dogs.  First of all...another NEW study for something that has been taking place since humans domesticated dogs has suddenly shown to be a reason that you can die?

I don't know about you but I haven't recently visited anyone in the hospital dying of dog bed syndrome.  Having your pet in your bed is more than enough reason to protect him from worms, parasites and other illnesses, however.  So don't you think preventive care should be addressed?  Too many animals have not been inoculated or have had a intestinal parasite screening in..what, forever?  All too often after a 3yr rabies vaccination, people forget about that all important yearly physical.  Speak with your Vet to decide what annual vaccinations are recommended for your pet. Many intestinal parasites are undetectable visually so make sure you get a "fecal flotation" at your yearly visit.  Heartworm is preventable and a pet with heartworm is expensive to treat and compromises their continued good health.

I know those who are reading this page are wonderful and loving pet owners.  Sometimes it's just a matter of education.  If you know of anyone with pets who may need a vet visit fine tuning- help them realize how they can help their pet to live longer and healthier!

Oh and by the way- here's the link to that pesky article:

We had to get a king size bed to accommodate our animals.  The only thing that causes us sleep problems is dogs moving around and farts!  In addition, I have not been able to cuddle my hubby due to invading dogs in the middle for quite some time now....

Don't forget to share Cuda with your friends!  We are almost at the half way goal for our fund raising campaign to help offset costs for her travel....If we meet goal, we get 5% back from Indiegogo!  Please spare a dollar if you can!!

Cuda's Mom

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another proud moment for us!

We are pleased to be part of Fido & Wino's R.O.A.R Squad!  Thank you Shauna!  Here are the links to read and become part of the R.O.A.R. Squad.  Shauna is looking for other rescue owners in the following states:

  • Oklahoma

  • Oregon

  • South Carolina

  • South Dakota- need asap!

  • Wisconsin- need asap!

  • Wyoming- need asap!    

  • So check out

    Happy Faces all around!!!!

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    Eye Opening.....

    People often ask me about Cuda's physical health.  We know that she behaves just like any other dog, running, jumping and playing.  Since she came into our lives we've been fortunate that we have not had any health scares whatsoever.  Last night brought a whole new concern and appreciation for our baby girl.

    It started when we all turned in for the night.  Cuda seemed restless and kept jumping off the bed and going outside.  Since she can't jump back up on the bed, we had to pick her up each time, obviously realizing that something was up. At about 1am there was no denying something was terribly wrong.  We got up and accompanied her outside but she didn't seem to be doing anything...not throwing up, not...well, you know.  She came in and tried to settle down but seemed so uncomfortable. I was panicking that she was developing "bloat"-  We contemplated running to the Emergency Vet but then she fell asleep, a little shaky, though.  This went on all night and by daylight we knew we had to take her to our Vet. 

    As the sun rose so did her spirits.  One of our older Rat Terriers, Cisco, however, seemed to be taking her path.  While Cuda ate and drank and went outside for "her business", Cisco tried to get comfortable and was shaky, too....ahhhh, now two dogs to go to the Vet...scary! 

    By 8:00am, Cuda was back to her normal self and Cisco is coming around nicely.  We had given the dogs a compressed cow hoof bone, split up among them yesterday.  We saw three of the dogs munch on them, but our little resilient Boston Terrier/Mini Pin mutt, Murphy was unfazed.  Rest assured, we will not be using those kind of treats again! We'll still see our Vet but I'm breathing great sighs of relief, at work unfortunately, after a sleepless night.

    Will Cuda develop physical and physiological health problems in the near future?  She does have that tilted rib cage, so it's a distinct possibility she's at risk for gastric problems I would imagine.  It makes us realize how precious all of our dogs are to us but with Cuda's triumphant spirit, she's simply a miracle.

    I posted about this early this morning on Facebook and Twitter and once again, her fans and friends proved to me that where the world is ugly, they are beautiful.  There are a lot of sites out there regarding safe dog treats, but I found this one particulary useful:

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    Cuda Basking In the Spotlight Once Again!

    Fresh from the excitement of meeting some more fans on Sunday, Cuda is proud to announce that she is in PeoplePets today!  Her mom spoke with the editors and told her story.  They even picked the cool picture of Cuda with the Cuda!
    See the article and tell me what you think:

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Slapstick Dogs Going Mad I Say

    Beautiful Artists, Generous People

    I would like to thank both Arlee Bee and Totally Tattered for creating art in the name of Cuda.  Check this out:

    Throughout the month of January, Totally Tattered is donating 10% of all sales towards Cuda's trip.  They hold online auctions and work with crafters of  all kinds.  You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook. is their website

    Arlee Bee creates unique and personalized doggy wear.  Collars, harnesses, tags and my favorite, Bee Blossoms, adorable and decorative blossoms in many colors.  Arlee Bee has created a special collection called Barracuda and all of the  proceeds from those sales go towards Cuda's trip.  You can find her Facebook and Twitter, too. is her website.

     If you can support Cuda by suggesting her to your friends on Facebook or Twitter, sharing her You Tube Videos, subscribing to her blog, donating via IndieGogo,  supporting our artists or making purchases from Cuda's Store at we would be so grateful!

    Love and kisses,


    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Dog Rescues

    I would like to take this time to post a list of Dog Rescue Groups.  The AKC has recognized the need to recognize that there are loads of opportunities to obtain a specific breed.  Our shelters are loaded with purebred dogs because many times people purchase them without researching the breed.  Cocker Spaniels, for instance, while a family dog can be nippy towards strangers.  Labradors are loyal and loving breeds, but can become very upset without constant attention.  Many times people purchase dogs because they are so cute as puppies, but they didn't take into account they grow and the owners are not prepared to handle that.

    As with all shelter dogs, purebreds can be trained out of negative behavior.  Older dogs are usually the most difficult to find homes for, so if you are considering a specific breed, think about one that has passed the difficult puppy stage.

    My rule of thumb is to see how many dogs are available for adoption at a rescue.  Ask detailed questions about the dog's personality and don't gloss over the facts about your commitment because you fall in love with the looks of the dog. 

    Good luck with your search,


    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Cuda is on Twitter

    For all of the people who prefer Twitter- you can follow her at CudaThePitBull for the latest updates.
    We are still just under 2000 fans...I'm grateful that there are almost 2000 fans out there- it's more than I ever expected and I'm humbled.

    We are also still trying to raise the money we need to get her out there.  We have to book her flight very soon.  If you can, please donate at which is at  If you can give $1 it would mean so much to us.

    I was so worried that with Cuda's physical condition she would develop health problems or pain.  I'm so happy to report that she is thriving and happy against all odds.  She is an amazing dog.

    Thank you!

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Happy Birthday to ME!!!

    We really didn't know  what to expect when Cuda came home in April 2010.  Even with a clean bill of health by the Vet, there were and still are unanswered questions.  Exactly what happened when she was born?  Was the whole litter like this?  Will she live a long life?  Will she ever be in pain?  Not a day has gone by since she joined our family that I don't stop and hold my breath if I see her dragging one of her rear legs...She tends to lean her weight forward so her back legs don't seem to bear it all.  Sometimes she'll just use them as a  "tripod". I worry that she may hurt her legs or start to hurt and then everything will change.  For now, however, we'll just keep her health care up to date and monitor her.  She has no signs of slowing down.  Her ability to run so fast and jump so high is pretty impressive.
    Well, at 25lbs, she is a pint size ball of fire!  Happy Birthday Cuda- you may have to wait till June for your birthday present- but for now you have our undying affection!

    Please click on the side bar for IndiGogo and help send Cuda to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest!! Thank you!!!