Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We didn't win : ( but we made a huge splash

Hope this post finds you all well. As usual, we've been so busy our blog has been neglected.  Here's what has happened in the last few weeks.
We didn't win the World's Ugliest Dog Contest ® but we did place third in the Pedigree division.  Yoda won and deserved that win.  I think all of us contestants knew that upon Yoda's arrival!  We had so much fun in Calfornia.
Cuda was treated to a day of pampering at AnnaBee's Boutique at 5410 Coast Highway.  Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA were on hand with adoptable dogs.  Owners Maureen Murray and Mary Ellen Wood were gracious and Cuda was welcomed by the community so graciously!
The day of the Contest was interesting.  We ran into many people from the area who already knew who Cuda was.  We met returning contestants and new contestants.  We were honored to meet Princess Abby, who as you know inspired us to enter the contest.
On Sunday, we sat back and enjoyed the Pride Parade.  It was heartwarming to see many animal agencies such as San Francisco SPCA, Muttville Senior Rescue, San Francisco Animal Care & Control and especially Bad Rap, an organization devoted to Pit Bulls.  We even met 2 former Michael Vick dogs, both thriving and happy.
What's next?  Our work isn't done.  We intend to continue spreading her message.  Irresponsible breeding must cease!  Do you know any breeders in your area who have questionable business practices?  Let us know!


  1. I'm so proud of your whole family for getting Cuda's message out there to the world. It's so inspiring and whenever I feel helpless or lazy, I think of you and Cuda and how doing nothing simply isn't an option. <3

  2. Mom and me wuz rootin' fur you Cuda :( Sorry you didn't win furst place but as long as you had fun dat's all dat matters :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae