Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm going to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest

Who would want to discard me? Who knew that in April I would find the family filled with love for mom ran into a couple at a gas station who couldn't keep me or didn't want to. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw me. Immediately it was evident that I had been inbred or my parents overly bred. I'm a Pit Bull and Pit Bull's get really bad raps. I hardly look like one but I assure you I am. If you read my profile you can see all of the things "wrong" with me that make me so right.
When my person got me we went to a pet store to get me some toys...everyone at the pet store looked at me weird and asked my person, "Eew, what is wrong with that dog?" I didn't care but my person had a sad yet defiant look in her eyes...but even when she brought me home the other people in the house were dumbfounded...but it only took minutes to fall in love with me..yes, I am one ugly dog but I am full of love and sweetness.
I am headed to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest and you can find me on Facebook under the group, "Help Cuda Get to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest June 2011"...long name but it speaks for itself.
I will entertain you with my adventures..feel free to share with your family and friends...the more people know about me, the more people will become educated about creatures with special needs, Pit Bulls and tolerance!

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