Friday, November 19, 2010

Designer Dogs

It used to be that there was pride in owning a "mutt" shelters have all kinds of dogs discarded from people thinking how cute it is to combine breeds.  Designer dogs, pocket puppies and hybrids are all giving the same message..that it's ok to continually overpopulate this world with unwanted cats and dogs.  People seem to assume that as long as there is a shelter taking the animals in, or better yet, a "no-kill" shelter..then their conscience is clear.  People don't understand that the cute Puggle they created has a breed that howls incessantly and another that can be less affectionate than the creation here?  A shelter dog.

There is even a site for "designer mixes"...and where a lab/doberman mix used to be a cute mistake adopted from a shelter, now people are trying to make tons of money off of them!!  In our  household we have a Boston Terrier and Mini Pin mix.  We were told she was an "oops" but  when we were asked for $50 to pay for her first set of shots and vet visit, we realized she and her litter mates were being advertised as BosPins!

It is so disheartening to know how many cute breeding experiments resulted in the shelter. 

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