Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fans, fans and more fans

Cuda is at a plateau of fans on her Facebook and it's making us crazy!!  Have we become greedy!?!?  We never expected to have over 2500 fans but it's so addicting to watch her numbers go up...plus when the Contest opens for online voting...well...you see how that makes sense.

Here's the latest Cuda bragging.....
Cuda has been honored with a full page spread in The American Dog Magazine, scheduled to hit news stands.  You can check out the digital edition by going to http://www.theamericandogmag.com/ and clicking on the right hand side. 

However, I digress.  I find I'm using this blog to promote and share articles. You can see all of that on Facebook or Twitter.  Today I want to address this new study about sleeping with your dogs.  First of all...another NEW study for something that has been taking place since humans domesticated dogs has suddenly shown to be a reason that you can die?

I don't know about you but I haven't recently visited anyone in the hospital dying of dog bed syndrome.  Having your pet in your bed is more than enough reason to protect him from worms, parasites and other illnesses, however.  So don't you think preventive care should be addressed?  Too many animals have not been inoculated or have had a intestinal parasite screening in..what, forever?  All too often after a 3yr rabies vaccination, people forget about that all important yearly physical.  Speak with your Vet to decide what annual vaccinations are recommended for your pet. Many intestinal parasites are undetectable visually so make sure you get a "fecal flotation" at your yearly visit.  Heartworm is preventable and a pet with heartworm is expensive to treat and compromises their continued good health.

I know those who are reading this page are wonderful and loving pet owners.  Sometimes it's just a matter of education.  If you know of anyone with pets who may need a vet visit fine tuning- help them realize how they can help their pet to live longer and healthier!

Oh and by the way- here's the link to that pesky article:

We had to get a king size bed to accommodate our animals.  The only thing that causes us sleep problems is dogs moving around and farts!  In addition, I have not been able to cuddle my hubby due to invading dogs in the middle for quite some time now....

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Cuda's Mom


  1. I have been sleeping at the foot of my mom's bed for 10 years without any problems. There's usually cat snuggled with us, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. We saw that too! But our Mama assured us she'd rather risk the Bobounic Plague than kick us out of her bed!

  3. All I can say is I LOVE CUDA! He deserves all the adulation he receives!