Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beautiful Artists, Generous People

I would like to thank both Arlee Bee and Totally Tattered for creating art in the name of Cuda.  Check this out:

Throughout the month of January, Totally Tattered is donating 10% of all sales towards Cuda's trip.  They hold online auctions and work with crafters of  all kinds.  You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook. is their website

Arlee Bee creates unique and personalized doggy wear.  Collars, harnesses, tags and my favorite, Bee Blossoms, adorable and decorative blossoms in many colors.  Arlee Bee has created a special collection called Barracuda and all of the  proceeds from those sales go towards Cuda's trip.  You can find her Facebook and Twitter, too. is her website.

 If you can support Cuda by suggesting her to your friends on Facebook or Twitter, sharing her You Tube Videos, subscribing to her blog, donating via IndieGogo,  supporting our artists or making purchases from Cuda's Store at we would be so grateful!

Love and kisses,


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