Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

We really didn't know  what to expect when Cuda came home in April 2010.  Even with a clean bill of health by the Vet, there were and still are unanswered questions.  Exactly what happened when she was born?  Was the whole litter like this?  Will she live a long life?  Will she ever be in pain?  Not a day has gone by since she joined our family that I don't stop and hold my breath if I see her dragging one of her rear legs...She tends to lean her weight forward so her back legs don't seem to bear it all.  Sometimes she'll just use them as a  "tripod". I worry that she may hurt her legs or start to hurt and then everything will change.  For now, however, we'll just keep her health care up to date and monitor her.  She has no signs of slowing down.  Her ability to run so fast and jump so high is pretty impressive.
Well, at 25lbs, she is a pint size ball of fire!  Happy Birthday Cuda- you may have to wait till June for your birthday present- but for now you have our undying affection!

Please click on the side bar for IndiGogo and help send Cuda to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest!! Thank you!!!

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