Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Totally Tattered to donate 10% to Cuda!

If you like unique items for your home and wardrobe, Totally Tattered is for you- they create unique hand made items- quilts, purses, etc. for YOU.  They offer many themes, all breeds of dogs and special requests.  They even do layaway!
And now through the end of January- they are donating 10% of what they sell towards Cuda's expenses in getting to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.
You know I thank people here a lot...today my human mom is humbled.  She is getting so much support she thinks she needs to make promoting me a full time job!  Well, I need her to keep her day job..just sayin'.  People from her work are taking notice of the Cuda Nation buzz....and now this...so please, shop at Totally Tattered- and treat yourself to something wonderful while helping me out!!!

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