Sunday, December 19, 2010

The kindness of others

I met Santa today and some more faces from Carolina Care Bullies, talked with some people, was a little scared but overall enjoyed my day!  I have this little fan page on Facebook that tells  my story in addition to this page.  Today, because of the kindness of friends and total strangers, there are more 1,000 people who have given me a few minutes of their time whether it be just to click "like" on my page or read my whole story.  I have international friends and local friends.  I have friends who have purchased their dogs and those who have opted to adopt. For those people who have purchased a dog, my intention was not meant to make you feel badly....but maybe your next dog will be adopted!  I don't try to insult breeders, I'm here because of one, but maybe your next dog will be chosen differently.  Every person who has given a part of himself or herself to me matters and I am so grateful of the attention.

My dad shed tears tonight as he got caught up in the excitement of the rapidly increasing numbers.  He said he was overwhelmed in just thinking what could of happened to me and what is currently happening..and who knows...maybe in June I'll walk away with a most eyes, an oxymoron title for me maybe, but at least the world will know my story. 


  1. Hi Cuda--We just found your page,and we love what your are doing. More people need to be aware of the problems of backyard breeding, 'designer breeding' and pet overpopulation and we think you are the perfect spokesdog to do this. Though we all know you are not ugly, and actually quite beautiful. Look at all the support you have!

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  3. Thank you Pitties- that is our main goal- educate, educate, educate!!
    Unfaithful Widow, I'm on my way to check your page out!

    Thank you both!