Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm going to meet Santa!

I am so excited...not only do I get to meet Santa this Saturday, I get to see my friends from Carolina Care Bullies again.  You see, over the last few weeks I've learned how much the people who volunteer with CCB love and care and dedicate their time to helping pit bulls.  We all know that too many people think the world would be better without pit bulls.  I don't know if people think pit bulls are the only dogs who ever were trained to fight or have ever bitten anyone but I'm not going to finger point at other breeds.  People really need to understand that there are places where  pit bulls and other kinds of dogs are banned.  I don't mean like renting an apartment or trying to get homeowners insurance..I mean GONE.    That means my own family could lose the right to have me.  Please read about BSL and know the breed of dog in your family may be  next!

As for ME- come say hello to me and meet some wonderful pit bulls who need a home very badly.  I know I'll never wonder where I'm sleeping or who loves me.  The pits you will meet Saturday hope for that feeling, too.!/event.php?eid=167352193299936&index=1

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